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Moving Tips

First Start a Checklist

  • Contact Utility Companies. (Phone, gas, electric, cable, etc.)
  • Notify Post Office of change of address.
  • Schedule rental truck or mover.
  • Order packing supplies (Boxes, Tape, etc.).
  • Pack your survival kit (essentials that shouldn't be packed).
  • Prepare rental car, airline, and hotel arrangements.
  • Keep family health records handy for the move.
  • Arrange for family/friend to take children/pets for the day.
  • Moving costs may be tax deductible, so hang on to receipts.

On Moving Day

  • Keep all entrances & exits to house clear.
  • Put down a non-slip covering on floors and rugs, to help keep clean during heavy traffic.
  • Have sidewalks & driveway shoveled and salted.
  • Have a plan for furniture placement in rooms.
  • Keep beverages and snacks handy, they will help keep workers energized and motivated.

Utility Information

  • Call phone company 1-2 weeks before move to arrange for new service to be turned on the day before the move. Also for old service to be turned off the day after the move.
  • Have gas, electric, & water turned on the day before you move in, And for old service to be turned off the day after¬†your move.
  • Call cable company with your new address to arrange for installation.

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